Concrete plant «Rifey-Beton - 60»

$  75 517

Capacity per hour


Equipment meets the requirements of Technical Regulation of the Customs Union

Declaration identification number
TC № RU Д-RU.АЛ16.В.29088

Date of declaration: 24.01.2014


  1. Aggregate bin DZ-28
  2. Big-bag debagger or cement silo (advanced option)
  3. Cement batcher DZ-600
  4. Water gauge DV-400
  5. Mixer BP-2G-1500
  6. Conveying worm 6m
  7. Platform E-2
  8. Skip hoist PS-1400

Rifey-Beton-60 plant

It is the most productive concrete plant of the «ZavodStroytechnika» LLC. The concrete plant «Rifey-Beton-60» is intended for production of commercial concrete. «Rifey-Beton-60» with it’s modern reliable and high-performance design on the basis of twin-shaft mixer 2SG-1400 with volume 1500/1000 liters can be used for producing of rigid concrete mixes, commercialflow concrete and different types of mortar mixtures. The concrete plant «Rifey-Beton 60» outperforms in productivity all models existing in the market. Besides the concrete plant «Rifey-Beton-60» possesses a number of considerable advantages in comparison with the models presented in the Russian market.

Constructive advantages of the «Rifey-Beton 60» line:

  • Production of concrete per hour is higher compared with competitors

  • The bigger volume of a loading bunker for the inert materials

  • Convenient scheme of loading of the inert materials bunker

  • Automatic operating mode

  • The most convenient access in the mixer for its cleaning

  • Dismantle of the skip hoist and batchers for carrying out procedural works isn’t required