High-angle Conveyor ТК-300-3,5

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  • High-angle Conveyor ТК-300-3,5. 3D модель
    High-angle Conveyor is a Belt Conveyor with 45 degree pitch. Endless flat belt serves load carrying surface of the Conveyor. Endless belt and blades of the belt are manufactured from the same material.

    The conveyor consists of frame, master drum, slave drum and a belt which envelopes the drums (load-carrying member) with blades fixed thereon. Cargo belt portion rests on the upper surface of the frame.

    The upper part of the frame houses master drum, electric motor and belt drive. Slave drum is located at the bottom of the frame. At the bottom of the frame there is a fixed tray to protect personnel from moving belt.

    Screw type bases and bracket help to put the Conveyor in working position.

    Shields, mounted in the lower part of the conveyor help to reduce spillage during feeding.

    Technical Details

    Efficiency, m3/h 18
    Belt speed,  m/ sec. 0,83
    Master Drum RPM 134
    Conveyor lifting angle, degree 45
    Engine power rating, kW 1,1
    Engine shaft speed, RPM 950
    Dimensions, mm:
    Distance between drum axes 3500
    Length 3750
    Width 500
    Height (transport position) 590
    Weight, kg 110

    Conveyor is provided with 12 month warranty period and post warranty maintenance service.