Rifey-Kolun Stone Splitter

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  • Rifey-Kolun Stone Splitter. 3D модель


  1. Flying knife
  2. Frame
  3. Hydraulic cylinder
  4. Table
  5. Pumping system

Rifey-Kolun is designed to split stones to give them ornamental pattern. Stroytechnika Factory JSC manufactures and supplies the Splitter-Machine as Extra Equipment to be integrated into construction materials production. The Machine, as any product of Rifey make, is easy to operate and maintain packaged unit.



By using the Rifey Stone Splitter on waste stone, a whole new market opens up for designers utilizing natural stone applications. The Stone Splitter allows the fabricator to create a greater variety of products. When you have the Splitter in your equipment configuration you are able to produce a range of ornamental stones in imitation of cut granite which are widely used in claddings of buildings and landscaping and public amenities. To see examples of ornamental stones usage click on Civil Construction.

Rifey-Kolun Technical Data

Knife tool pressure at operating pressure in hydraulic system, tf 19
Maximum split length, mm 500
Height of splitted stones, mm 30…250
Operating pressure in hydraulic system, MPa (kg/cm2) 11 (110)
Power Consumption:
Voltage, V 380
Frequency, hz 50
Total Capacity 7,5
Dimensions, mm
Length 850
Width 1015
Height 2010
Weight, kg 800