Mixer for production of concrete mixes "SG-750"

$  9 887
  • Mixer for production of concrete mixes


  1. Electric motor
  2. Control panel
  3. Water batcher

The forced type mixer "SW-300" with horizontally located rotor and a batcher is intended for production of the rigid concrete mixes used for production of building products.

The Content includes a batcher of volume type providing dispensing and loading of filler in the mixer, the binding agent and water and directly the rotor type mixer providing hashing and unloading of mix.

The mixer can be operated in the enclosed space or under roof, at an air temperature from + 5 to + 45 °C.

Dimensions (with batcher), mm.:
Length 2420
Width 1590
Heigh 2490
Wight, kg 2710

The warranty period for the mixer makes 12 months, post warranty service.

Guarantee certificates don't extend on high-wear parts: mixer beaters, protection of a bottom and walls of the mixer.

Technical data

Loading volume, cubic meter 0,75
Number of operating cycles per hour, no less than 12
Aggregate fineness, not more 15
Motor capacity of a rotor drive, kW 15
Rotary rotations per minute, rpm. 25