Mixer with batcher for production of dry-concrete mixes "SG-550"

$  8 175
  • Mixer with batcher for production of dry-concrete mixes


  1. Concrete batcher
  2. Gearmotor
  3. Discharge chute
  4. Mixer framework
  5. Aggregate bin
  6. Water batch
  7. Control panel
The forced type mixer "SG-550"  with horizontally located rotor  is intended for production of the rigid concrete mixes. The mixer can be operated in the enclosed space or under roof, at an air temperature from + 5 to + 45 °C.

Filler, binding material and water are used  as a basic material for preparation of mix. Sand, screenings of a macadam production, expanded clay, slags, chark, filings and other bulks materials capable after mixing with binding to get and keep the set form, can be used as filler.  Cement is applied as a binding material.

The batcher consists of two compartments – the filler compartment and a concrete compartment established on a frame. The filler compartment is established on a frame permanent, the concrete compartment is flexible in the vertical direction.

The water batcher represents a box, with installed valve element, the flow transducer, entrance and output, fittings and the control panel. The water batcher is installed on the mixer.

Turning on of the batcher is made by giving of supply voltage on the mixer control panel, thus on the indicator of the electronic block value of the established water dose is displayed.

The amount of the merged water is set by the operator on the electronic block.

The mixer represents the mixing camera in which is located the rotor rotating on support. The rotor is supplied with carriers with beaters and scrapers from special abrasion-resistant cast iron. The electric motor drives the rotor by means of V-belt drive and a reducer. The tension of the V-belt is carried out by a tensioner, and it is closed by a housing.

The ball valves are established on the walls of the camera for prevention of spillage of the concrete mix during rotation of a rotor. The bottom and walls of the camera are protected from wear out by removable protective units.

The unloading hatch with the gate and mix cut plate are provided for unloading of the ready mix. The hatch is opened manually by use of a handle. The mixer is supplied with a door for access inside when cleaning the camera, the closed position of a door is controlled by the sensor.

Control panel and the water batcher are fixed on the case of the mixer. Transportation of the mixer is carried out using cargo loops.

Information about the control panel key assignment is given on a picture.

A reducer is topped up with transmission oil in number of liters. Please use TM-5 oil when the feeling up is required.

Technical data of the mixer

Type of aggregate bin Volume type intermittent batcher
Type of concrete batcher Measuring type, intermittent batcher
Aggregate fineness, not more 12
Motor capacity of a rotor drive, kW 15
Opening drive of a batcher tanks


Loading volume, cubic meter 0,55
Electric motor type АИР160М6У3
Nominal motor rating, kW 15,0
Electric motor shaft speed, rpm 1000
Volume of an oil to be filled in the reducer, l 10
Rotary rotations per minute, rpm. 31
Minimum mixing time, min. 2
Pressure in the water supply network, mPa 0,3-0,6
Water consumption, l/min no less than 40

Measuring volumes in a single cycle, l.:

Binding material, up to 60
Aggregates, up to 240
Minimal water dose 1
Maximal water dose 60
Scale graduation value 0,1
Dimensions (with batcher), mm.:
Length 2025


Heigh 2105
Weight, kg. 1650