Vibrating press «RIFEY-04TS»

$  10 899
$  9 342

Output per shift

Concrete block
* Upon condition of continuous work of a vibrating press within 8 hours.

Equipment meets the requirements of Technical Regulation of the Customs Union

Declaration identification number
TC № RU Д-RU.АЛ16.В.29091

Date of declaration: 24.01.2014

  • Vibrating press «RIFEY-04TS». 3D модель


  1. Vibrating press
  2. Punch-matrix
  3. Control panel
  4. Storage bunker
  5. Concrete mixer
  6. Conveyor

Manufacturing of  «Rifey-04TS»  machine by «Stroytechnika»  factory.

«Rifey-04TS» machine for favorable price.

The high-performance compact mechanized «Rifey-04TS» machine for production of wall materials by method of moist vibrocompressing.
"Rifey-04TS" it is developed especially for operation in Russia and the CIS countries, including the regions with undeveloped infrastructure of building industry. It is recommended by Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Russian Federation for production of construction products.

Benefits of the vibrocompressing «Rifey» line buyer

  1. ВHigh geometrical precision and effective appearance.
  2. Possibility of application almost any local materials: sand, ashes, slags, expanded clay, eliminations of crushed stone, sawdust and achievement on the basis of cement and other binding materials of durability of 100 kg on square centimeter  and more.
  3. Fast, from 6 to 9 months, payback of the line.
  4. Economy of basic materials at the expense of a smart cavitation of products.
  5. The line provides thanks to high efficiency during the 2-shift work with wall materials construction volumes from 20 to 60 modern cottages a year.
  6. Autonomy, possibility of operation of the line directly on a building site, and even in field conditions, is necessary only supply of electricity (380 volts) and waters.
  7. Short term of commissioning: 2–5 days

Technical data

Wall stones  with dimensions of  390×190×188
150 pcs/hour
Partition blocks with dimensions of 90×120×188
220 pcs/hour
Line height
2665 mm
Formed products height
188 mm
Installed capacity
13,35 kW
2,08 tones
Operating personnel
3–4 peoples

Types of products